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Throughout the seven years of my wedding filmmaking journey, I have developed a simplistic and elegant approach to capturing weddings.
I don't use tons of gear, huge lights, or cranes. I have seen so many videographers and photographers who turn weddings into film sets, and to me that feels so fake. I want my clients favorite memories to be with their family, friends and each other. Not to spend half of their very special day doing awkward poses for their video. 
Of course I understand that some people don't mind having lots of pictures and videos taken during their wedding day, but I try as much as possible to keep the video authentic and natural.
My goal at the end of the day is to ensure that my clients are happy, because if they are truly enjoying their day then then film will come out feeling like a real story.


I named my company after my first and middle name Allison Karlyn so that my clients would know that they would are not hiring a random shooter and a team of editors overseas (you would be surprised how many owners of big wedding companies don't even know how to use a camera). Instead you will be hiring myself. I want to be part of this journey with you and really get to know you before the wedding so that I can create a film that fits who you are as a couple and as individuals.
I need to trust someone with my life before I trust them to film a wedding with me. With that being said, my team of cinematographers are not only incredible artists, but incredible people. When you hire an additional cinematographer you are hiring someone with advanced skills in cinematography and minimum five years of experience.
I film a handful of weddings each year so that I can utilize the extra time during the editing process. Typically I spend anywhere between 35-60 hours on each edit. I only edit one wedding at a time so that I can be fully immersed into the story. 
I want to be as authentic and transparent as I can in my work. Each piece I create is special in its own unique way. All of my clients are different and their stories are new and untold. I take much pride in creating films that capture the official union of their love.
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Choosing Allison to film our wedding day was one of the best decisions we made. Allison not only has an amazing creative eye, she really tailored and personalized our film and it's something I am so happy that we have to cherish always. She has an incredible attention to detail which is definitely something I wanted in a wedding vendor, even the wedding film USB and hard-drive was delivered in the most amazing packaging! She was very professional and easy to work with as well. We had a lot of changes due to COVID-19 restrictions and Allison was nothing but understanding and flexible, this was such a relief when dealing with wedding changes and so many vendors. She was so sweet and caring during all the changes and made a sincere effort to check in with me every step of the way, this was something I really appreciated. If I had to do my day over I would book Allison again in a heartbeat!


—  Samantha, 2020 bride

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