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Rock Formations


Throughout the seven years of my wedding filmmaking journey, I have developed a simplistic and elegant approach to capturing weddings. 
I feel wedding films are a form of poetry. In just a short amount of time I use little moments from a one-day event, in order to tell a beautiful love story. 
Story is key, and that is why I spend so much time in the beginning stages learning my couples story and understanding who they are and what makes their love special and unique.
Some call themselves "wedding videographers", I call myself a "wedding filmmaker". Wedding videos look beautiful, but there is heart missing from it. I not only want the film to be beautiful on the outside, but to be driven by the radical love between my couples. 
  • Up to seven hours of video coverage

  • 3-4 minute highlight film 

  • Single shooter

  • Custom Thumb Drive Delivery

  • Ceremony Film

  • Drone footage (when possible)


  • Up to nine hours of video coverage

  • Additional cinematographer

  • 5-6 minute highlight film

  • Custom USB Delivery

  • Ceremony Film

  • Drone footage (when possible)


  • Weekend coverage

  • Up to 10 hours on wedding day

  • Rehearsal dinner or pre/post part (Up to 4 hours) Single Shooter

  • 8-10 minute highlight film

  • Additional Cinematographer for wedding day

  • Physical Custom Hard Drive Delivery

  • Drone footage (when possible)

  • Instagram Trailer

  • Full edit of Ceremony and Speeches + Raw Footage 



I named my company after my first and middle name Allison Karlyn so that my clients would know that they would are not hiring a random shooter and a team of editors overseas (you would be surprised how many owners of big wedding companies don't even know how to use a camera). Instead you will be hiring myself. I want to be part of this journey with you and really get to know you before the wedding so that I can create a film that fits who you are as a couple and as individuals.
I need to trust someone with my life before I trust them to film a wedding with me. With that being said, my team of cinematographers are not only incredible artists, but incredible people. When you hire an additional cinematographer you are hiring someone with advanced skills in cinematography and minimum five years of experience.
I film a handful of weddings each year so that I can utilize the extra time during the editing process. Typically I spend anywhere between 35-60 hours on each edit. I only edit one wedding at a time so that I can be fully immersed into the story. 
I want to be as authentic and transparent as I can in my work. Each piece I create is special in its own unique way. All of my clients are different and their stories are new and untold. I take much pride in creating films that capture the official union of their love.

Ceremony & Speeches


Laughs, tears, and drunk slip-ups are just a few of the moments captured during speeches. Contained within the speeches film is a recollection of a lifetime of memories.



Only a small handful of moments make the films final cut. With raw footage, you can view every moment captured throughout the day.

additional time


Some days, seven hours is simply not enough to capture all of the moments experienced throughout the day. Extending the time allows for more memories to be included in the film.



Fear of Missing Out?The FOMO trailer is meant to excite your friends and family for your wedding day. The idea of the film is to capture the engaged couple before their wedding (typically filmed three months - a year prior). This is a creative and stylistic shoot meant to capture your personality and love for one another.



Highlight the wedding film to showcase to friends and family on instagram and other social media platforms. They can be different, creative, quirky and fun.




Give your friends and family the best seats in the house with live-streaming. Multiple angles and high quality audio. Livestreaming gives your guests who are unable to attend the chance to live the moment with you in real time.

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