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In exactly one month I will be heading off to Zambia. I will be teaching a filmmaking workshop in the city of Lusaka. Then will be spending a week in a village that is in the "bush" where I will be filming a documentary.

AK Films has been supporting this village since 2019. And it is truly amazing to see how God has used this opportunity to use my skills as a filmmaker to share stories for people in America and people all around the world.

In the documentary I hope to create awareness and find partners to help support the village in supplies as well as education and training for the families.

I lived in Zambia as a child, and went back when I was eighteen years old. Since then I have dreamed of being able to go back and do another project. Little did I know that it would take only 5 years for everything to come together to where my company could feed other nations and support village-builds.

How cool is that!?

I hope that the documentary is inspiring and motivating for whomever watches it.

I also hope to inspire my colleagues and friends to be fearless when stepping out into philanthropic work.

I never imagines I could do it at such a young age.. But I didn't see much harm in trying it out. As it turns out, I found much joy in giving back to others. It made my work more exciting and my personal life more fulfilling.

I am blessed that God is using me to do his work, I hope to spread the gospel by being an example of Jesus. Who was kind to the poor and feed the hungry.

Thank you for reading this post :)


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