The Proposal of Craig and Tyler

Craig reached out to me months before the proposal and explained how he had planned to propose to Tyler. Craig and I had been friends since high school, so Tyler knew me and knew I was a wedding videographer.

The plan was to make up a story that I wanted them to "model" for a wedding video shoot, so I could have content for for my portfolio.

Little did she know that we would spend the entire day filming in anticipation for the proposal.

As we were getting ready to leave for the helicopter ride, Craig received a call that due to weather conditions the helicopter ride was cancelled. Since we were with Tyler there was no way for us to discuss what to do. We were able to secretively make a plan over text and changed the location to the beach. 

After a full day of filming I explained how I got everything I needed. Then I added that I want to get one extra shot. I posed Tyler to look out to the ocean while Craig wrapped his arms around her. We did a couple takes, and on the third take instead of grabbing her, he went down on one knee. She was genuinely surprised and couldn't believe it at first.

It was such a beautiful moment! I was honroed to capture the proposal and to see my good friend get engaged!

Cinematography and Editing - Allison Karlyn

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