The Wedding of Michelle and Levi

I was so excited when I first spoke with Michelle because she is a photographer so I knew that she would have a beautiful wedding. She actually met Levi when she was at the beach practicing photography! 

I came to visit the venue during the rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding. Immediately I knew that I would have a lot of fun playing with shadows and showing off the beautiful scenery surrounding the villa.

Michelle and Levi were a lot of fun to work with, their love for each-other was so evident and I loved how expressive they were towards each-other

They were also both very comfortable in front of the camera, so I was able to get some beautiful shots of them together during golden hour. Typically golden hour photos only last about 10 minutes, and every minute is so worth it because the photos and videos that come from that time are always breath taking. 

Michelle and Levi had their wedding filled with games, great food, and awesome music! Their family and friends seemed to have a really fun time, so I wanted to evoke that properly in the film. 

The edit was a lot of fun, I restructured it a few times before creating a solid timeline. Since I didn't have too many moving shots or any drone shots, I decided to really focus on sound and creating a feeling of "presence" in Michelle and Levi's film. I felt the still framing mixed with the subtle music and sound effects made the shots more impactful. 

The story of the butterfly:

As we were waiting for the ceremony to begin I looked behind me and saw a bush with a white butterfly resting. I thought it was so beautiful, and I expected it to fly away quickly but it stayed. So I pulled out my camera and decided to grab some shots. The butterfly flew around remaining perfectly in frame, which I thought was so cool! As soon as the butterfly flew away the ceremony began. When I was editing the vows I realized that Michelle had written in her vows that Levi "still gave her butterflies." I got excited when I heard that, and thought it would be cute to intro the video with the butterfly, and then end the video with Michelle saying her vows and then the final shot of the butterfly flying away, which to me evoked the beginning of the journey of the butterfly and of Michelle and Levi. 

Cinematography and Editing - Allison Karlyn

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