Lauren + Wade

Lauren and Wade were such a fun couple to work with! From the second I met Lauren I knew her wedding would be filled with lots of fun and laughter!

The Wedding Day

The day started off gloomy and raining, we were nervous that the outdoor ceremony would have to me moved indoors, but just in time for the ceremony the sun came out and it was beautiful the rest of the day! When I arrived Lauren was already done with hair and makeup, and so I was able to have extra time to get a video for her interview. When it was time for Lauren to get ready we took her out to a beautifully lit room where Lauren's mother helped her with the finishing touches as well as putting on her wedding dress. I love being able to go outside of the "getting ready" room, because usually they are messy, loud, and crowded with people. I so much prefer being able to take the bride/groom to a more private location so they can have an intimate moment with their family.

The Venue

I have shot at Franciscan Gardens a few times before. I knew I wanted to arrive early to get some clips of the surrounding town. The venue was nestled into the historic part of San Juan Capistrano. So not only was the venue itself elegantly historic, but the surrounding city all within walking distance made for beautiful backdrops during their scenes together. 

The Edit

In the edit I wanted to add an interview with Lauren and Wade, they didn't have personal vows so I am glad that we were able to hear some stories from them. Both Lauren and Wade were comfortable in front of the camera, I don't do interviews often so it was fun to mix it up with them and be able to do interviews in their highlight film. 

They also seemed to have a lot of fun dancing, even though it was a small wedding party there was not one person who didn't touch the dance floor! Typically you wont see tons of dancing in my wedding films, unless the wedding party obviously loves to dance! Sometimes when I am filming dancing the guests look awkward or maybe that they had a few too many drinks. But with that being said, if it seems like the wedding party is having a good time (even if they can't dance on beat) I love to put it in the film!

Cinematography and Editing - Allison Karlyn

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