AK films was inspired by a desire to not just create wedding videos, but to tell a story of a completely unique love. 

My goal isn't to simply create memorable films, but to give my clients an experience beyond the typical wedding videographer.

I am an artist as much as I am a production company owner. 


I cannot wait to tell your story. 

chelsea & matt

; married

Two humans coming together to become one.

There is a special bond that I witness when capturing wedding films. Each love is so unique; shocking, and even captivating. 

This was a captivating love that left my heart full of joy and hope. I cried, I laughed, and danced during the process of capturing and editing this film. 

Editing is my favorite process because that is where I can bring the story to life. There were simple heartwarming moments and sincere words spoken.

I wanted the film to evoke all of the feelings I felt as a filmmaker capturing their wedding.  I am always so honored to be able to tell stories like these. For me, the story is my favorite part about being a filmmaker. 

craig & tyler

; engaged

The beginning of a union doesn't simply start at the engagement, but it is a marker in the timeline of a lifelong commitment. 

The beginning of a union is one of those moments that deserve to be captured both in our hearts and in a film. 

Tyler didn't know that the "video shoot" was actually going to turn into her engagement shoot. It took months of brainstorming to come up with the plan so she would be totally surprised.

Her reaction was priceless, a memory that will be forever kept through this film. 


; time

True love is a love that endures the tests of time.

The love between Mariana and Thomas is a love that has endured. At nineteen years old, Thomas made a commitment to Mariana's father that he would protect her. He said he didn't know the magnitude of that promise, however thirteen years later he has continued to hold on to his word, hold on to Mariana, and hold on to his family.


Mariana is one of the kindest brides I have ever worked with. She was so grateful to have me film her wedding, which means so much to me as a filmmaker. As an artist, to feel appreciated and cared for is something that we don't always get. I was so honored to be a part of their special day and capture all of these beautiful moments.

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claire &


; location

Being able to capture a location that is unique and reflects the couples personality add's so much fun and creativity into the wedding film.

I travel all over the world to film, and find much enjoyment in capturing destination weddings and elopements. 

Destination weddings are especially fun because they can be intimate, adventourous and fun. 


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; love

Love is a beautiful thing. It defy's odds and usually doesn't make sense. Capturing wedding films is like drawing a picture. It starts with two people who somehow came together in union, slowly the mysterious of love is revealed when we see them look into eachothers eyes. 

We don't know their story, we don't know what makes them "click", but the unexplainable love somehow perfectly makes sense when they are together. 

To explain love is quite difficult, however the pastor in the ceremony put together the definition of love in an eloquent and memorable way. I felt so many emotions while listening to his words, and while editing the film I knew that there was great importance in what he said.

When I create a film the most important thing I need in order to finish is to feel emotion from the film. I have cried, laughed, and jumped out of my seat numerous times while editing wedding films. And this film definetly left a few tears on my keyboard. 

Michelle & Levi

; storytelling

There are so many ways to tell a story.. in film school the first films you study are silent films. there is something almost magical about creating a story with no words. 

Through visuals, sound effects, and coloring i told the story of Michelle and Levi. 

Even to this day i hold my breath as i watch it.

I chose to only use a small part of Michelles vow at the end. and what she says is so powerful because it ties the entire film together and gives a perfection description of their love for one another. 

Ali & bryce

; cinematography

Beautiful cinematography is very important when creating films. 

There are no rules in cinema, so what is defined as "beautiful" is up to the filmmaker.

For me as a filmmaker what I define as "beautiful" is a shot that tells a story. I want every one of my shots that I use to be able to reveal more about the couple and the story. 

Whether is a smooth and stable shot or a shaky and blurry shot, they each create their own emotions and reactions. 

Every shot is intentional and has a purpose of why it is placed where it is. That is why the editing processes takes so long. It's like playing "Tetris" in slow motion. Each piece must fit perfectly to create a complete film. 

Leah & Michael 

; family

The most important part of being a filmmaker is investing time into the clients. Leah and I got together a month before her wedding. I found out so much about her and Michael. 

What really stood out to me is their importance in family. Family is such a big part of a wedding, because it means that a mother is sending off her son and a father is sending off her daughter.

It broke my heart when Leah shared that her father passed away and wouldn't be attending the wedding. I knew right away that I wanted to find a precious way to incorporate her father into the film. 

I made the decision to dedicate a part of the video to her father. It is a simple timelapse of the beautiful sunset that took place on her wedding day.

Not only is it important to incorporate the special moments that take place on the day of the wedding, but to also tell a story that is honest and real for the client.  

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