Throughout the seven years of my wedding filmmaking journey, I have developed a detailed and simplistic approach to capturing weddings. 

I feel wedding films are a form of poetry. In just a short amount of time I use little moments from a one-day event, in order to tell a cinematic love story.

Allison Karlyn Films specializes in wedding, destination and elopement films. 

Meet Allison

Your story is beautiful and I want to capture it. I travel the world to work with couples who want a unique and memorable experience on their wedding day. I have a passion for stories and people. I like to create raw and emotional wedding films that will live on forever. 

Chelsea & Matt

I could not have been happier with Allison's work. Allison was extremely communicative and on top of everything before my wedding. On day of the wedding, she was calm, sweet, and fun! Just what any hectic bride needs. After the wedding, she was so communicative , let us know her timeline on the video, and then got to work! We weren't sure what to expect out of our wedding video at first but we knew after we met Allison that she was for sure going to be able to portray our type of style, love, joy, and families as we saw them on our wedding day and SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Allison is so truly talented.. I really can't sing her praises enough. Our wedding video is now described in our family as "the movie trailer to our epic lives together". Check out her website, peep her videos, and you'll see for yourself! Highly recommend!!


  1. (of two people) united in marriage.

    "a married couple"


Featured Films

Chelsea & Matt

There is a special bond that I witness when capturing wedding films. Each love is so unique; shocking, and even captivating. 

This was a captivating love that left my heart full of joy and hope. I cried, I laughed, and danced during the process of capturing and editing this film. 

Editing is my favorite process because that is where I can bring the story to life. There were simple heartwarming moments and sincere words spoken.

I wanted the film to evoke all of the feelings I felt as a filmmaker capturing their wedding.  I am always so honored to be able to tell stories like these. For me, the story is my favorite part about being a filmmaker. 

Mariana & Thomas

The love between Mariana and Thomas is a love that has endured. At nineteen years old, Thomas made a commitment to Mariana's father that he would protect her. He said he didn't know the magnitude of that promise, however thirteen years later he has continued to hold on to his word, hold on to Mariana, and hold on to his family.


Mariana is one of the kindest brides I have ever worked with. She was so grateful to have me film her wedding, which means so much to me as a filmmaker. As an artist, to feel appreciated and cared for is something that we don't always get. I was so honored to be a part of their special day and capture all of these beautiful moments.

Brittni & Keegan

Love is a beautiful thing. It defy's odds and usually doesn't make sense. Capturing wedding films is like drawing a picture. It starts with two people who somehow came together in union, slowly the mysterious of love is revealed when we see them look into each others eyes.​

To explain love is quite difficult, however I am always quite amazed when I hear the words exchanged during vows. Brittni and Keegans vows in particular were truly incredible. I felt so many emotions while listening to their words, and while editing the film I knew that there was great importance in what they said to each other.